This project is growing. Right now. Become part of it. 

Who is growing and cooking on the field?

My name is Nina and I am a professionally trained chef. Having a close connection to the beautiful island of Gozo I started my “field project” here in February 2019 to connect to local farmers and artisans, learn from working and cooking in harmony with nature and share my experiences with people coming to the field from all over the world.

I am inviting you to come on a culinary journey to my field to re-connect to nature, be in good company and savour and appreciate locally grown food.


A field. What for?

To create a platform that brings people together to re-connect to nature, be in good company and enjoy the taste of locally grown food on the Maltese islands. I want to motivate people of all ages on the Maltese islands and beyond to consciously buy, prepare and eat local, good quality products.

The field's background.

Food preparation and consumption is a culture. Let's treasure and celebrate it.

Food and the way I consume food has an effect on how I feel. What I eat also has an impact on the people and the nature around me. It matters what, where and when I eat. It has the power to unite people. It is a craft. It is art. Above all, it is an essential skill because we all like and we all need to eat.

Producing. Preparing. Eating. It's a cycle.

In 2018 I have completed my culinary education as a chef in Malta. As part of my professional training I was working in The Harbour Club in Valletta, Malta where I got a first insight into life in the kitchen. Further on I have been working in „Ze Kitchen Galerie“ a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris where we were working with the finest quality of ingredients and rare citrus fruits and herbs. Later, I was working on the Eigensinn Farm in Canada with a farm-to-table restaurant concept. At the farm it was a perfect cycle: We would prepare the meat from the animals that we have been raising and cook the vegetables that we have sown ourselves. Whatever part was left of the food products would turn into pig food. Nothing was wasted. 

Field life in Gozo

Constantly looking for indigenous seeds and vegetable varieties I am in close contact with my neighbours, farmers and artisans on the island. People from all over the world have been to the field in the past months. Some to help me out with field work and cook in nature, others to enjoy an evening on the field with a unqiue dining experience created with field produce. 

February to September 2019. Now's the time!

In the beginning of February 2019 I have started setting up the field in Gozo that a friend of mine has agreed to lend me. Everything from the gardening work to the dining furniture and plates is made from scratch by myself and my wonderful friends. There is no budget available and instead of generating waste we want to get inventive with what is available. This is why we only use the materials at hand. 

A number of events are happening on the field from April to September The events are ranging from food tastings to live music and workshops all connected to food and nature.


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