Re-connect to nature. Come to the field.

A visit to the field is an experience for all your senses.

Food from the fields

The nature in and around the field is constantly changing. That’s why every event on the field is different. It is up to the sun and the rain if the radishes are ready to harvest. It is up to the wind if the sheep cheese has dried. It is up to you to come and re-connect to nature. Learn how to grow and eat food. Breathe in the fresh air. 

We will be in the fields. You will learn about growing, preparing and eating food and simply enjoy being in nature. 


Discover the tastes of products from Gozo. 

Which vegetables are in season? How do they grow?

How does fresh sheep milk taste?

Herbs: Names and their flavours.  

Which parts of the turnip are edible?

What is whey and what can I use it for?

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