A culinary journey through the seasons of the field.

An evening on the field with Nina and Lena means to consciously taste locally grown food, overlooking vines and vegetables, watching the day turn into night over the fields.

Your experience will involve:

  • Arriving at the field, leaving the thoughts of daily life behind, we will go for a walk with you through the vegetable garden and vines.
  • The meal consists of a sequence of courses taking you on a culinary journey through the seasons of the field.
  • There is no fixed menu as the sun and the wind decide what ripens first. The herbs on your plate are picked an instant before you start to eat.
  • Cooking involves preparation methods such as smoking, sun-drying and fermenting.
  • Fish, meat and dairy are sourced from trusted farmers and fishermen from Gozo.
  • During the evening we will give you an insight of our experiences in growing, working and cooking on the field in Gozo and around the world.

About the chefs Nina Janoschka and Lena Schulz.

We have met in Canada during our internship in 2018 at „Eigensinn farm“.
Cooking 11-course meals in the forest, raising live stock and gardening we have been working together hand in hand.Ninas food palate has developed through growing up in Russia and Germany.

She has completed her culinary education in Malta and worked at a Michelin starred restaurant in Paris where Southeast Asian flavours played a major role. In February 2019 she has started her field project in Gozo. Her field is a place for people to re-connect to nature, be in good company, to savour and appreciate locally grown food.

Lena has a background in nutritional sciences and has been trained as a chef at a Michelin starred restaurant in Southern Germany. Nowadays she is aiming to combine her knowledge on food and cooking with topics related to the human body and personal health.

We are looking forward to taking you on a culinary journey on the field in Gozo. New dates for 2020 will be announced soon.

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